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Apr 24 '14
"If you are taking a quiz on Buzzfeed to see how privileged you are, you have time to commit suicide. I mean c’mon guys. Am I wrong? You have time to… don’t even have to take an Uber to the Brooklyn Bridge anymore. You could just drink cleaning fluid."
Julie Klausner (via mistergoodmorning)
Apr 24 '14



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Podcasting has hit a new high.

Apr 23 '14

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Apr 22 '14

Disney movies about animals are better than Disney movies about people.

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Apr 22 '14

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Apr 22 '14
Pavement - Stereo (Brighten The Corners)


well focus on the quasar in the mist
the kaiser has a cyst
and i’m a blank want list
the qualms you have and if they stick
they will drown you in a creek
in the neck of a woods
that was populated by
tired nation on the fly
everybody knows advice
that was given out for free
lots of details to discern
lots of details

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Apr 22 '14
Apr 21 '14
Apr 16 '14

Nathan Fillion is just okay.

Apr 16 '14

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